Getting the Best Cigar Humidors


If you love cigars, you probably need a humidor. For this reason, you should do your best to get the best humidor that will not end up ruining your cigar before smoking.

Using a humidor is the only way of storing and maintaining cigars in the right condition. Quality humidors are not necessarily expensive. You can come across one that is attractive and affordable. Before this, you ought to know what to look for in a humidor to get the best out of it.

Below are some of the factors to consider top get the best cigar humidor.

Decide on the type of humidor that you need.

This is the first step of buying a humidor at  You ought to consider factors such as where you will keep it and its size.  You also should know whether you need a humidor for your home, office, travel, or for a country club. In case the collection you want to keep in the club is small, you would require a 12-20 cigar humidor.  For a home or office humidor, you can purchase one that can hold 100 cigars or more. If your purpose to display a humidor in your desk, a 100 cigar humidor that enhances the d?cor is a good option.  If you have 30-0 or more cigars, a cabinet humidor can be the best option to store cigars.  Cabinet humidors area usually plain and designed to stay in a closet or big decorative boxes that are suitable for display.

The quality of material making the humidor.

Best wood-made humidors are usually dried to a moisture content of 6%. The wood ought to be solid hardwood and not plywood.  The surface ought to be smooth with no craps and lumps. A travel humidor ought to be made out of suitable metal to protect the cigars from damage. To get more tips on how to choose the best cigar humidor, visit

Get a humidor that maintains ideal conditions.

The humidor you choose should be big enough to hold cigars loosely and comfortably. If you love using more than one type of cigar, it is good you select a humidor with compartments. This will prevent the different cigar tastes from bleeding together. Also, check the closed lid to ensure that the box is firmly sealed when full. Some humidors come along with a hygrometer and some humidification features. This enhances the safety of the cigar.

Once you purchase a humidor, remember that proper maintenance is critical. Keep it away from direct sunlight, air conditioning, and drafts. View this resource!

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